Advisory and technical assistance service

VITEC offers winegrowers, winemakers and wineries a comprehensive advisory service in the field and in the cellar, in order to facilitate decision making in the wine production and production process. This service includes:


    • On-site visits, on-demand and personalized technical advice, sampling and analysis, results reports and recommendations, monitoring and technical treatment of claims, among other services.


    • An innovative and cutting-edge technical equipment, guaranteeing analytical capacity at all stages of development.


    • The attention of a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in viticulture, oenological processes, microbiology, sensory analysis and environmental engineering and sustainability.


    • Guarantee of confidentiality and objectivity in the analysis process and in the results.

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Viticulture: Rafael Roda Suárez





Oenological Chemistry: Dr. Miquel Puxeu Vaqué

Microbiology: Dra. Imma Andorrà Solsona


Sensory analysis: Enric Nart  Comes

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