Experimental cellar

This installation constitutes the center’s fundamental tool in its objective of technically guiding winemakers and wineries through the development of pilot tests of new technologies, processes and wine products.
Its highly innovative technological infrastructure allows us to offer a personalized and versatile service.



  • Pneumatic press for white wines 30-300 kg load with inertization option.
  • Hydraulic press for red wines (100 kg load).
  • Destemmer.
  • Bottling machine with inertization module.
  • Cappers for quiet wine, screw cap, sparkling wine.
  • White wine microvinification room (120 microvinifications in parallel).
  • Camera for microvinification of red wines (100 microvinifications in parallel.
  • 3 heated chambers.
  • Tanks of 30 to 50 liters of stainless steel for microvinifications.
  • Keggs (breweries) of 30 liters for microvinifications.
  • 1000 liter tanks.
  • Tanks of 625 liters jacketed.
  • Micro-oxygenator with 8 outputs.
  • 66 liter tanks (20cm in diameter x 2 meters high) for micro-oxygenation.
  • Deposits of 250 liters (40cm in diameter x 2 meters high) for micro-oxygenation and addition of chips / staves for accelerated aging.
  • Oxygen meters dissolved by chemiluminescence.
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