Sensory analysis


Development of specific protocols for determination, training and evaluation of sensory attributes in still, sparkling and fortified wines.

Determination of perception thresholds in markers of aging and evolution of wines.

loguito PROJECTS

GLOBALVITI – Global solution to improve wine production in the face of climate change based on robotics, IT technology and biotechnology and vineyard management strategies (2016-2020), National Business Research Consortium Strategic Program (CIEN), CDTI.  

GESTIDEROX – Oxygen management strategies as a key factor in the optimization of processes and improvement of wine quality (2016-2018), FEDER-Innterconecta 2016, CDTI.

INNTER-WINARGAL – Application of biotechnologies to obtain new flavored wines from traditional Galician wines (2015-2017), FEDER-Innterconecta 2015, CDTI.

VINYSOST – New viticultural strategies for the sustainable management of large-area production and increasing the competitiveness of wineries in the international market (2014-2018), Multiregional Operational Program for Smart Growth (CIEN), CDTI 

VINNOSO2  -Development of an oenological itinerary to produce high quality wines free of sulfur (2012-2015), INNPACTO 2012, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

loguito TEAM

  • Enric Nart Comes (head of area)
  • Neus Escoda
  • Alejandro Suárez
  • Marga Méndez
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