Water management on large surfaces.

Grapevine management and determination of the optimal harvest time according to oenological objectives.

Minimization of the use of synthetic phytosanitary products againts grapevine plagues and diseases.

Grapevine pathology (in coordination with Microbiology department):

Grapevine trunk diseases.

Integrated Pest Management.

Alternatives to the use of copper in organic crops.

loguito PROJECTS

MINIMIZING GTD. Minimization of losses due to fungal Grapevine Trunk Diseases . (2018-2020). Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

PECT PRIORAT. Priorat-Montsant-Siurana, agricultural landscape of the Mediterranean mountains.(2016-2020). Specialization Project and Territorial Competitivity. PECT 2016 – Generalitat de Catalunya

LIFE PRIORAT+MONTSANT – Efficiency in the use of resources for the improvement of the wine sustainability of the Priorat region (2016-2020), Life + Program, European Commission.

GLOBALVITI – Global solution to improve wine production in a climate change scenario based on robotics, IT technology and biotechnology, and vineyard management strategies (2016-2020), National Business Research Consortium Strategic Program (CIEN), CDTI.  

RETMAVID – Application of new technologies for the monitoring and prolongation of the production time of the vineyard and the development of new products and strategies for the comprehensive management of grapevine trunk diseases (2015-2017), Retos-Colaboracion 2015, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.   

VID-ACTIV – New activators for the improvement of grape quality, nutrition and resistance to vine diseases (2014-2018), Retos-Colaboracion 2015, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. 

VINYSOST – New viticultural strategies for the sustainable management of large-area production and increasing the competitiveness of wineries in the international market (2014-2018), Multiregional Operational Program for Smart Growth (CIEN), CDTI. 

loguito TEAM

  • Josep Maria Torné (head of area)
  • Marga Méndez
  • Dr. Joan Ramón Coll
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